How to build your custom ROM

You will need
  • Archos official update.img from
  • AFPTool.exe inside MyDroidDevTool (, only works in windows, use WINE under Linux)
  • Access to a Windows and a Linux box (check VirtualBox) (Windows not necesarry if using WINE)

1. Place AFPTool.exe and update.img in the same location, and create a folder named "update". For this example, the location will be C:\afptool

2. Open the command prompt and type type:
cd \
cd afptool
$AFPTool.exe -unpack update.img update

3. You should see a "Unpack OK!" message and now you should have some files inside the "update" folder, you will need system.img (its inside the Image directory) (copy it to a flash drive or a NAS to access it in Ubuntu - I use VirtualBox to install other OSes, so I just need to have a shared folder configured, or just use old plain FTP)

- From Ubuntu
4. Create a directory and copy system.img to it

5. From your shell go to the directory you just created and type (if you get an error saying that you dont have genext2fs, go ahead and install it with apt-get install genext2fs):
$mkdir stock-system (if it doesnt exist)
$sudo mount -o loop system.img stock-system
$genext2fs -d stock-system -b 300000 system.ext2
$mkdir temp
$sudo mount -o loop system.ext2 temp/

6. Now you can modify whatever you need in the temp directory
6.a if you get an error saying you dont have permission to edit/delete/add a file type the following in the shell:
$sudo nautilus
You now have root explorer and can do what you need.

7. Once you finish, type this commands (you must be one level above temp):
$sudo mkfs.cramfs temp/ system.1.5.img
$sudo umount stock-system
$sudo umount temp

8. You will end up with a file called "system.1.5.img", copy it back to your Windows box

- Back in Windows
9. Move to your update folder where you got the original system.img and delete system.img.

10. Copy "system.1.5.img" into the update folder where you just deleted system.img and rename system.1.5.img to system.img

11. in command prompt type:
$AFPTool.exe -pack update update1.img

12. You will end up with update1.img, which is your new ROM ready to be flashed.

13. Rename update1.img to update.img

14. Copy update.img to the root of your A7HT, once you unplug the USB from your PC it should prompt you to upgrade. Good luck!

Examples of files/things to modify for ROM cooking

Excluding APKs
Search for the "app" directory
Inside are all the apks that are installed by default, go ahead and delete ones you don't need or add ones you want

Adding Market functionality (from vdelf's instructions)
You have to modify system.img, adding these files:
  • /etc/permissions/
  • /etc/permissions/ (this may be not necessary)
  • /framework/
  • /framework/ (this may be not necessary)
  • /system/GoogleApps.apk
  • /system/gtalkservice.apk
  • /system/ImProvider.apk
  • /system/SetupWizard.apk
  • /system/Vending.apk

Modifications in boot.img:
Add the line ro.setupwizard.mode=EMULATOR to the file default.prop. Otherwise the tablet will be stuck in the setup wizard, because wlan is not set up, but to complete the initial google config you need Internet access (for some reason there is no way to skip it). With this option the setup wizard will start if you want to access the market.