Advanced ROM

There are no known issues with this build, but that does not mean that there are no issues. I will not be held responsible for any bad things that happen if YOU install this on YOUR device.

All the builds are currently for the 8GB version. If you have a 2GB version take EXTRA caution and be sure you want to be the first to try this.

What this ROM does
This ROM is based on the latest Archos firmware, but adds the following:
  • Google Apps
    • To get Contacts Sync working, you will need to install googlecontactsprovider.apk after flashing the ROM
  • Access to Google Market
  • Roots the tablet
    • This will give you complete control over your tablet, and will allow apps to run as superuser, the root user. This can play havoc on your device if you aren't VERY careful and pay attention to what apps are asking for what permission. To help fight illicit apps asking for su I included the superuser app in this build. This app will pop-up when ever an app asks for su permissions and you can allow or deny and there is also an option to always allow or always deny the app.
  • ADB works
  • It removes the additional apps provided by Archos to free up space (if you want them back, Appslib is still available so you can reinstall them)
  • Increases app space
    • With this ROM you will have 290 mb of free space to install your apps (5 times the original size)

Install instructions
You WILL lose everything on your device that isn't in an SDHC card.

1. Download the firmware from this page.
2. Connect the USB cable to your ARCHOS 7 home tablet and to your computer.
3. Copy the firmware that you've just downloaded to the root of your ARCHOS 7 home tablet (not in a folder).
4. Unplug your device safely.
5. The ARCHOS 7 home tablet will find the update automatically and display a message box offering to install this new firmware. Before tapping on "Install", you need to connect the charger/adapter DC-IN to your device.
Important warning: Upgrading your device's software will reset all your settings (including the WiFi settings) and erase your applications. 
6. Once the firmware update process is completed, your ARCHOS 7 home tablet will automatically restart. Then you must go though the installation wizard again.
7. Connect the USB cable to your ARCHOS 7 home tablet and to your computer.

Windows specific instructions
8. You should get a message saying that the drive needs to be formatted before it can be used. Go ahead and format it, be sure that you use fat32 (should be selected by default)

Unix specific instructions
8a. Use 'dmesg' to find out which devices are added to your system (in my case sdb and sdc)
8b. Format the second device (sdc in my case) with the command: mkfs.vfat -F 32 -I /dev/sdc
(under Mac use $newfs_msdos -a 32 /dev/sdc)

9. Wait 45 minutes (not to damage your ROM)
10. Flash the device again with the same image

The latest version is v0.2.1, download it from here:

Download GoogleContactsProvider.apk here:

If you would like to donate, your can do it through this link