Friday, July 16, 2010


Welcome to Archos Hacks, a simple site created to share with the community the work done for the Archos 7 Home Tablet. Here you will find modified ROMs that will improve your tablet, and as they are based on the official Archos firmware, you won't loose any functionality.

If you want to help us out or make suggestions, don't hessitate to do so, you can find us and a lot of other owners in


  1. Hi, I have an Archos 7HT and one time, when I changed the firmware and I dont know what happen that the display was not calibrated properly. So after that I went back to the older rom, and the same was happening. Now I am trying to change the display calibration "by hand". But I do not know what files I have to "touch". could you tell me which files I have to modified?Thanks for your help

  2. Glad I found this! We got a Archos 7 real cheap for our kids, but this hack made it so much easier to use and the Advanced ROM gave us so many more apps and games and now I am not disappointed that I bought this. We have a Archos 101 and now I like the 7 almost as much as my 101.