Which version of the ROM should I use?
It depends on your needs. To simplify things, we are keeping just two builds here. The first one, called Basic, gives you access to the Market, Google Apps and roots the device.
The Advanced ROM has all the same features as the Basic one, but adds more space for your apps, the drawback is that you need to format the device and flash it twice.

How do I restore my original firmware?
If you are using the Basic ROM (or any other one that doesn't modify the App Space Partition), just download Archos's official ROM from archos.com, and follow the exact same instructions that you used when installing the Basic modified ROM, but use Archos' update.img instead of the one we provide here.

If you are using the Advanced ROM, you will need to restore the original firmware using Rockchip's flashing tools. Here are some basic instructions:

  1. Download RKAndroid from http://hiapad.com/?p=801&lang=en#more-801
  2. Lock the screen (push the power button to the right)
  3. Press the reset button (its located on the back of your 7HT) for a few seconds
  4. Connect the Archos through USB. If its not recognised, you have to install the drivers manually (they are bundled with RKAndroid, on the Drivers folder. I wasn't able to install in a 64bits Vista setup, but it works in a 32bits Windows)
  5. Open RKAndroid, select the update.img file, and press Update
  6. Follow the instructions and wait for the program to finish
  7. Disconnect the tablet from USB, unlock it
  8. Wait for the new image to finish installing

How do I cook my own ROMs?
Check the guides section to get started.